5 Reasons You Need A Content Agency To Grow Your Business

5 Reasons You Need A Content Agency To Grow Your Business

Content agencies claim to offer a tried and trusted route to drive sales and build a robust marketing strategy around content. But do they really live up to their promise?

There are many routes to achieving growth and brands use a variety of avenues to push their businesses forward on multiple fronts. Content has become a big focus for brands looking to increase awareness, and sales as data continues to show it’s one of the most effective ways to reach audiences. Not only does content provide an engaging way for a business to grab the attention of new customers (and nudge existing ones), but its increasing prevalence in our lives means it’s often the most accessible and cost-effective tool.

Content is a general term that refers to the production of videography, photography, animation and/or graphic design and its execution can vary drastically in terms of scope. Content can include anything from a social post snapped on a smartphone to a multi-million-dollar integrated ad campaign that may feature some of Hollywood’s biggest names. The complexity and scale of a brand’s content needs will require distinct expertise and skillsets as well as resources. Understanding the needs and limits of your business will give valuable insight into the available offerings.

What is a content agency?

A content agency is a business that works with other businesses to bring ideas to life visually and can span out of home advertising, print, digital and branding to TV and bespoke streaming. Content agencies can be based in one city, or across multiple offices regionally, nationally or internationally. Agencies can consist of a few employees with a narrow set of services or alternatively employ thousands and offer a full suite of products and services. Content agencies work with businesses of all sizes, from the very little to the world’s biggest and are widely regarded as an asset to aid growth.

There are a lot of content agencies to choose from and many vary in price, service offerings and levels of expertise. A small boutique agency may focus on one key area of content, such as photography or video, while a larger agency may handle not only full-service production but also the management and distribution of content as well as delivery to third parties such as TV networks.

What do content agencies do?

Content agencies focus on the ideation, production, and distribution of content as part of a campaign. Unlike creative agencies or media agencies, content agencies focus on photo, video, graphics, and design and rarely offer services outside of this remit such as media buying. This means, a content agency specialises in and prioritises the production of content for their clients. They may even work with media and creative agencies to facilitate the production of larger integrated campaigns for them where content is only one component of many.

Content agencies services

Content agencies offer a range of services and often include areas such as photography, videography, video editing and photo retouching, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, editing, sound design, podcast production, branding and graphic design.

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